Who can be a member?

Come join the family – It’s where you belong!

Anyone who earns a salary can become a member. Yes, our name says ‘Teachers’ and we’re proud of our history. But you don’t have to be a teacher to be a member.

With excellent service, convenient locations and no maintenance fees you’ll quickly understand why over 9000 persons have made us their financial home.

As a member of GUTCU, you’re also an owner. This means that you can expect to benefit from owning your financial institution:

  • share in the surplus earned in the form of dividends on your shares
  • Earn higher interest rates on savings
  • Borrow at attractive, affordable rates
  • Use your GUTCU card to earn discounts at many locations
  • Your savings and loans are insured at no cost to you

How to join

Becoming a member is easy as 1,2,3…

  1. Simply print and complete the Membership Application Form
  2. Bring proof of employment (job letter/pay slip) and proof of identification (National id, NIS card, Driver’s license, passport).

If you are self-employed please also provide company registration documents

  1. Make payment –
      • purchase 60 shares at $5 each
      • pay an entrance fee of $10

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